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How to ensure your marriage is accepting, warm and supportive.

A relationship is a two way street where we constantly try to balance each of ourselves as two parts of a complex whole. While it is essential to be aware of one’s own needs in our relationship, in equal measure, we strive to be aware of and attempt to meet the needs of our partner.

Stressful relationships tied to mental decline

Kathryn Doyle, Nov 19, 2014
Having close personal relationships in middle age that cause stress, problems or worries, may contribute to a decline in thinking ability in older age, according to a new study.

Til Death Do Us Part: The Evolution Of Monogamy

Lizette Borreli, Nov 25, 2015
At a young age, a familiar playground song teaches us the supposed trajectory of adult romantic relationships: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage.” It leads us to believe we’ll live happily ever after in blissful monogamy.

Some women buying used pregnancy tests to entrap men

An unmarried and undecided man is on his way home when he receives a phone call from his girlfriend. They've been dating on and off for many months now; she wants a commitment. He's undecided. When he hears her voice come through the line, it's unsteady, but giddy with excitement. For a month now, she has thought of ways to make him want a more committed relationship -- hoping he'd propose. Instead, he's been nonchalant.