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Nearly every mass shooting in the last 20 years shares one surprising thing… and it's not guns

By Adams: (NaturalNews) The following is a republishing of an important article written by Dan Roberts from It reveals the real truth about mass shootings that bureaucrats and lawmakers are choosing to sweep under the rug: psychiatric drugs. If you want to know the real reason why mass shootings are taking place, this is the "inconvenient truth" the media won't cover.

Psychiatry exposed as hidden killer of U.S. veterans in new documentary featuring Health Ranger Mike Adams

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) According to a shocking statistic from the Department of Veterans Affairs from 2013, 22 U.S. military veterans were committing suicide every day. And while the figure may have tempered somewhat since then, it still remains high.

Vermont kidnaps and forcibly drugs teen after mother sought help for her anxiety

By Lilley: (NaturalNews) A simple visit to the hospital to help her daughter manage her anxiety has turned into a nightmare for Karen Maple and her child, Elissa. What should have been a trip to discuss possible options for Elissa led to the hospital's decision to whisk the Vermont teenager to a mental ward several hours away in Massachusetts.(1)

Air pollution linked to anxiety symptoms covered up by mind-damaging psych drugs

By Goodrich: (NaturalNews) That toxic, smoggy air can harm physical health is nothing new or surprising. It has repeatedly been linked to chronic inflammation and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. New studies, however, suggest that air pollution negatively impacts not only our physical health but mental well-being as well.

Two new studies published on March 24 in The BMJ (British Medical Journal) shine a new light on how pollution may negatively affect our health and happiness.