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Proposition 37

Boycott the enemies of the people updated (opinion)

When Proposition 37 got defeated by the Biotech and Big Food pimps and their hooker subsidiaries, NaturalNews was gracious enough to print my article naming them. Recently though, I came across a similar article written by Daisy Luther, a freelance writer and editor who has a website entitled, The Organic Prepper. Her article was more complete than mine. So, asking and granted her permission to reprint her article, here goes:

Monsanto, Dupont, Cargill Spend Big to Defeat GMO Labeling Initiative

The nation's largest agribusiness and biotech companies are pouring millions of dollars into California to stop the first-ever initiative to require special labels on foods made with genetically modified ingredients, a sign of their determination to keep the measure from sparking a nationwide movement.