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Chemical plant to wipe small Louisiana town off the map

For over a decade, residents of the small town of Mossville, Louisiana, have been reporting numerous cases of premature death, disease and cancer. A new plot by a large chemical plant looks to finish them off, paying 80 percent or more of the residents to leave the town, which could nearly wipe Mossville off the map.

Environmental factors that increase asthma risk and symptoms: studies

A few studies published in 2013 have revealed various environmental factors which increase asthma risk as well as elevate the severity of its symptoms. These included exposure to traffic pollution, wood smoke, cleaning chemicals, as well as other materials at the workplace.

Pollution explodes in China; government begins forcing businesses to close their doors in desperate bid to stop deadly smog

Beijing and six surrounding Chinese provinces are being suffocated by horrendous bouts of pollution, as millions choke on one of the most dangerous outbreaks of smog ever to settle over the region.

Pharmaceutical drugs now pollute Lake Michigan, study confirms

Following the release of several reports in recent years highlighting the presence of pharmaceutical contaminants in many of the nation's drinking water supplies, a new study published in the Elsevier journal Chemosphere reveals that pharmaceuticals are now turning up in large quantities in the Great Lakes as well. A summary of this new research recently put out by Environmental Health News reveals disturbing levels of undiluted pharmaceuticals just two miles from Milwaukee's main wastewater outfalls.

Elevated levels of pollutants found downstream from fracking wastewater

A new study from Duke University published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology reports alarming levels of pollutants coming from Pennsylvania fracking waste water. The pollutants, including radioactive chlorides and bromides, are discharged into the surrounding environment, where they settle into the sediment. Radium is showing up at levels 200 times greater where the Josephine Brine Treatment Facility discharges treated wastewater. This is important, as near the treatment facility is Blacklick Creek, which can carry radioactive waste water beyond the area for many miles to the Allegheny River.

Wave of protests sweeps UK: Resistance to fracking plans heats up as pollution concerns grow

Anger is erupting in once sleepy villages, and ordinary people are coming together from all over the UK with the dawning realisation that their green and pleasant land is under threat of long lasting contamination by the government's proposed shale gas 'revolution'.

Pot farm pollution: Too dangerous to deal with?

In this undated photo released by Butte County Department of Public Works, marijuana grading violations are seen on a hillside less than 1,000 feet from the west branch of the Feather River off of Jordan Hill Road in the Concow area in Butte County, Calif. With parts of Northern California’s scenic hillsides illegally gouged by bulldozers for marijuana growing, frustrated local officials asked the state for help to protect tributaries of the Sacramento River from runoff of sediment and the chemicals used on plants. The Butte County supervisors hoped to charge growers with tougher penalties under federal and state clean water regulations than the grading infractions local officials could impose if the gardens were legal under state medical marijuana laws. Photo: Butte County Department Of Public Works