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The Case for Bush Administration Advance Knowledge of 9-11 Attacks

Briefing Paper

by Michael C. Ruppert

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Bush Still Backward On Women’s Issues

by Joe Conason

This column ran on page 5 in the 5/6/2002 edition of The New York Observer

Among the most admirable aspects of George W. Bush’s public persona is his respect for the women who work for him. His ease with female leadership at the highest levels of his campaign and in the Oval Office suggests that he is in fact a man of his generation, however often he denigrates the liberal activism that revived the movement for sexual equality.


What Would I Do?

by Gene Callahan

One question I'm asked from time to time is, "OK, if you're critical of current US policy in the war on terror, what would you do?"

It's true that it's always easier to be a critic than a performer. I don't have any pretensions to being a foreign policy expert, so I've never attempted to put forward an exact course of action for the US government in response to 9/11. However, there are a few things I do know, that seem relevant, at least to me.


What's Oil Got to Do With It

by Lee Siu Hin

April 23, 2002

"It is clear that one of the reasons the US maintains the Iraqi sanctions is to allow the major oil companies to reap huge profits. Yet the overriding motivation behind US policies is to retain hegemony over the oil-rich Persian Gulf which provides about a quarter of the world's oil. Above all, the goal is to send an unmistakable message: that any country bold enough to stand up to the US will reap the same unprecedented and brutal consequences inflicted upon Iraq."


Why Politics Divides People

by Gary Galles

May 1, 2002

We are in the post-primary lull, before the campaign mud-slinging starts in earnest (California's governor's race being an exception, with Governor Gray Davis spending millions to defeat Richard Riordan in the Republican primary). But as November draws nearer, we will enter a storm of negative attack advertising, by politicians who all claim to detest it.