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Bush, Ashcroft & Friends do even more to crush freedom in the United States

From San Francisco Chronicle EDITORIALS

On the Public's Right to Know

The day Ashcroft censored Freedom of Information

Sunday, January 6, 2002

THE PRESIDENT Didn't ask the networks for television time. The attorney general didn't hold a press conference. The media didn't report any dramatic change in governmental policy. As a result, most Americans had no idea that one of their most precious freedoms disappeared on Oct. 12.



by Thomas L. Friedman

The New York Times March 31, 2002

* * * The outcome of the war now under way between the Israelis and Palestinians is vital to the security of every American, and indeed, I believe, to all of civilization. Why? Quite simply because Palestinians are testing out a whole new form of warfare, using suicide bombers -- strapped with dynamite and dressed as Israelis -- to achieve their political aims. And it is working.


Fascist Code Words

by Ron Lieberman

Some code words are euphemisms with political intent. A euphemism is the substitution of an agreeable word for one that is not so agreeable.

That's why we have the Department of Defense, rather than the Department of Killing People. The word Defense is friendly, and carries moral authority. When civilians are murdered by the Department of Killing People, the result is collateral damage. Fascist code words re-label theft and murder to make them appear as commerce and justice.


The Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan

by Kristi Richardson & Mark Fisher

Talk about a small world! At about 2:30 in the afternoon of March 30, 1981, it became positively microscopic. Crouching on the sidewalk in front of the Washington Hilton, a young man who modeled himself on Robert DeNiro's not-so-right Travis Bickle character from the movie, Taxi Driver, drew a bead on the new president. Steadying his .22-caliber pistol in both hands, John Hinckley, Jr., began firing explosive "devastator" bullets at Ronald Reagan. In the ensuing pandemonium, the sixth slug found its mark.


From U.S., the ABC's of Jihad

Violent Soviet-Era Textbooks Complicate Afghan Education Efforts

By Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway
Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, March 23, 2002

In the twilight of the Cold War, the United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings, part of covert attempts to spur resistance to the Soviet occupation.


'Blinded By the Right': David Brock

Friday, March 22, 2002

What would make an avid Clinton-hating attack journalist have a "road to Damascus" experience and cause him to completely change his point of view? Why would he denounce the A-list conservatives who made him, and instead ally himself to people close to Bill Clinton? All these questions and more are answered in David Brock's memoir Blinded By the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative.


God, It's Great To Be American!

by Heather Wokusch

March 19, 2002

There's nothing like being in the safe hands of the Bush administration.

I mean, how embarrassing for those poor people in Zimbabwe, dealing with their rigged presidential election. Imagine the shame of knowing opposition voters had been systematically disenfranchised, and that the Supreme Court had stepped in to support a specific presidential candidate. That could never happen here! We should go in and show those people how real democracy works.


Pipeline politics taint U.S. war

From the Chicago Tribune

March 18, 2002

by Salim Muwakkil.
Salim Muwakkil is a senior editor at In These Times

An ongoing source of frustration and anger for many Americans is the lack of support the war on terrorism has received abroad. Other nations are considerably less enthusiastic about our use of "daisy cutter" and "thermobaric" bombs than we think they should be. Why is that?

One reason is their media. Stories alleging imperial and commercial motives for the war on terrorism are rife.


Bush policy on nuclear weapons traced to Cheney after Gulf War


Knight Ridder Newspapers
Mar. 15, 2002

SAN JOSE, Calif. - (KRT) - Revelations that the Bush administration is developing new nuclear weapons to target Iraq, North Korea and others have been greeted with alarm as a radical departure from established U.S. policy.