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A Corporate State

By Ralph Nader

June 13, 2002

What Business Week magazine calls "the corporate crime wave" shows every sign of worsening, as more major corporations scramble to admit massive deception of investors, looting of pension funds, self-enrichment of top executives, restatement of earnings and giant farewell compensations packages to departing bosses who wrecked their companies to further their own megagreed.


U.S., trading partners may be ready to declare cease-fire in trade war

By Martin Crutsinger

June 18, 2002

WASHINGTON — To its own surprise, the Bush administration brought the world this year to the brink of a trade war with this lineup: America versus everyone else.

Caught in the cross fire of a bitter fight over steel imports were producers of Florida citrus, Washington state apples and a range of other products.

While there are signs that all sides are pulling back, the damage to the world trading system may already have been done.


Is America the New Roman Empire?

Americans used to denounce empire. Many current U.S. pundits, however, call for the United States to establish a benevolent global empire. Is the idea of "Imperial America" an inspiring vision? Or is it a misreading of past and present — and a betrayal of America's republican traditions? The Globalist’s “America Matters” columnist Michael Lind explains


Government Snooping Is a Bipartisan Thing

By Colbert I. King

June 15, 2002; Page A23

Would an Al Gore administration:

• Round up and keep secret the names of hundreds of foreign-born individuals?

• Place an American under indefinite detention without charges or an attorney?

• Issue new FBI guidelines that open the possibility of a return to past domestic intelligence abuses?


War On Terror Little To Do With Terror

by Thomas Walkom

June 18, 2002 in the Toronto Star

THE MOST peculiar aspect of George W. Bush's war on terrorism is how little it has to do with terrorism.

Certainly, it has much to do with Iraq. According to the Washington Post, the U.S. president has authorized his Central Intelligence Agency to send armed teams into Iraq to capture and if necessary kill that country's leader, Saddam Hussein.

Many otherwise neutral observers might think this just fine. Who likes Saddam anyway?


Civil Rights -- and Wrongs

The Justice Dept. has no excuse -- not even the threat of more terrorist attacks -- for locking up Americans without trial

JUNE 18, 2002

By Howard Gleckman

The Jose Padilla case scares me. It's not just that Padilla was allegedly plotting to detonate a radioactive dirty bomb in the U.S. that terrifies me. The way the U.S. government is handling the matter sends chills down my spine.


Hip Hip Hooray for Dictatorship

by Jeff Elkins

Stick a fork in it, it's a done deal; At least according to the vanguard of American journalism.

Is there one major print media outlet that has the courage, the raw guts to call a spade a spade and challenge George Bush's naked power-grab? Apparently not. All that appears to be left are individual websites, the samizdat of our generation, now waiting to see if John Ashcroft's FBI will slowly but surely enforce cyber-silence and strangle them out of existence.