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The Return of the Dinosaurs

by Uri Avnery 

How did the dinosaurs die out? There are many theories about this. For example, that a meteor hit earth and the ensuing dust cloud obliterated the sun.

I have a theory of my own: The dinosaurs suffered from a lack of proportion between body and brain. The tyrannosaurus, for example, had monstrous physical dimensions but his brain was the size of a pea. Then our ancestors, the little mammals, arrived and displaced them everywhere.


Negotiations Can Open Markets; You can Help

September 3, 2002

After a year of trade policy cynicism that made free traders cringe and free trade critics cheer, the Bush Administration now has the trade promotion authority it wanted and needed to pursue meaningful trade agreements. Our trading partners have all heaved a sigh of relief as global trade liberalization can now move forward. Without the participation of the world's largest single consumer market, trade talks would have been hampered considerably.


Bare-Flesh Posters, Saucy Slogans Woo German Voter

Sun Sep 1, 2002

By Clifford Coonan

BERLIN (Reuters) - German parties are breaking new taboos in a closely fought election campaign, using posters of naked lesbians and gays, thinly veiled innuendo and even a reference to smoking cannabis to sway voters.

Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's Social Democrats are neck and neck with Edmund Stoiber's conservatives in opinion polls ahead of the September 22 election and some of the racy campaign tactics are causing quite a storm.


9/11 Lessons Not Easily Taught In Classrooms

September 3, 2002

In America's classrooms, Sept. 11 gripped teachers and students alike and created a demand for on-the-spot lessons on geography, history, politics.

But in the year since the attacks, teaching about this historic and shattering event has been anything but easy. For some, it has been a minefield.


Twin Missions Overwhelmed TSA Airport Agency Strives to Create Self, Stop Terror

ONE YEAR : Aftermath of the Attacks

Twin Missions Overwhelmed TSA
Airport Agency Strives to Create Self, Stop Terror

By Greg Schneider and Sara Kehaulani Goo
Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, September 3, 2002; Page A01

When a gunman opened fire at a Los Angeles International Airport ticket counter on July 4, the nation's new agency in charge of airport security got its first chance to swing into action.


Powell lays out case for Iraq attack to allies

Monday, September 02, 2002

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Colin Powell is the strong and silent type.

Although Powell has been notably quiet about an attack on Iraq, it doesn't mean he's against toppling Saddam Hussein by force or that he's out of the loop, close associates say.


Has Bush infringed the constitution? The debate heats up

Charles Lane The Washington Post

Tuesday, September 3, 2002

WASHINGTON  As they tend to do in times of national crisis, last Sept. 11 Americans looked to the person the constitution designates as commander in chief. And President George W. Bush responded - with aggressive and often unilateral executive action.