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BREAKING: Obama Reveals He’s Sending Army of Feds Against Sheriff Joe, & Their Orders Are Sick

Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., is a straight-talking sheriff with decades of experience and a proven track record of effectively enforcing immigration law that the federal government has refused to enforce for almost seven years.

New generation of total destruction: Obama youth riot in Walmart to 'see how much damage they could cause'

At around 1:50 a.m. in the early morning hours of Sunday, June 28, a group of 40 to 50 teens entered a Macon, Georgia, Wal-Mart and proceeded to ransack store shelves and destroy merchandise in an effort, as the group's leader told an employee, to "see how much damage they could cause."

Senator Pan caught lying about vaccine ingredients after taking bribes to push mandatory vaccination bill

The leading proponent of Senate Bill 277 to eliminate personal and philosophical vaccine exemptions in the state of California, which was recently signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, has once again been exposed as a fraud and a liar.

Can Court Clerks Decline to Do Gay Marriages? How It’s Playing Out in the States

A few cases of public employees who cite their faith in declining to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples have grabbed media attention, but similar concerns exist in scores of courthouses across America, a lawyer for a prominent Christian legal organization says.

For Next Step Towards ‘Equality,’ Democrats Want to Eliminate These Two Words From Federal Law

Bull shit political Correctness

Dozens of Democrats have proposed a new bill to strike the words “husband” and “wife” from federal law in order to take the next step towards their vision of “equality.”

The Massive Federal Government Data Breach Has Grown to Shockingly Large Proportions

Office of Personnel Management director Katherine Archuleta has resigned, one day after the agency said that as many as 25 million people were affected by the massive data breach.

Greece – What You are not Being Told by the Media

According to mainstream media, the current economic crisis in Greece is due to the government spending too much money on its people that it went broke. This claim however, is a lie. It was the banks that wrecked the country so oligarchs and international corporations could benefit.