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Harvard quack spreads fear about coconut oil, claims it’s “pure poison” and recommends eating LARD instead

When it comes to the question of what’s healthy and what isn’t, the medical community seems completely unable to make up its collective mind.

Chinese Companies Are Mass Producing Plastic Rice (and It May Cause Serious Health Problems)

Poisonous Chinese ‘plastic’ rice could be hiding in your cupboard. It was first identified four years ago, but fake rice from China made from PLASTIC is still on our shelves.


Everyone knows that there are psychopaths everywhere including in the fields of medicine and science. The greatest harm psychopaths as a group have engineered on the human race is through poisoning us. They figured out 150 years ago that they could make staggering amounts of money doing so without being caught. They created elaborate plans to get away with murder while living the good life.


Asian Seafood Imported Into The US Is Found To Be Unsafe And Infected

Sea Food Farmed In ASIA Is Full Of Pig Feces And Antibiotics, Here’s How To Tell If Yours Is Safe

People love eating shrimps because they are efficient health food because they are low in fat and incredibly high in protein. For every gram of fat they have 75 grams of proteins. Moreover, they are abundant in vitamin D, B12 and Omega 3 fatty-acids, which provide the body with numerous health benefits.

Suiciding Civilization with Massive Amounts of Poison

Dr. Sircus, April 29, 206
Even before our financial world melts and our economies fall, and even as our leaders risk nuclear war and radiation hell on earth from destroyed (Fukushima) and existing nuclear reactors

Monsanto tops list of worst poison-pushing food companies that lie to consumers

By Benson: (NaturalNews) The modern American food supply is a tortuous minefield of synthetic additives, toxic flavoring agents and artificially engineered ingredients that are making people sick. And the following eight food corporations, rounded out by the world's most evil corporation Monsanto, are among the worst offenders when it comes to not only using these poisons in their products but also lying about their presence to consumers.

Monsanto package admits seeds treated with 'poison,' advises against human consumption

Images are surfacing across the internet that illustrate the true dangers associated with genetically modified (GM) seeds, as admitted by the seeds' manufacturers. The Food Warrior Network recently posted a photo of a seed package distributed by Monsanto India Limited, for instance, that warns users not to consume the seeds or use them as food, oil or animal feed, because they are poisonous.

Are you eating bug poison and weed killer daily?

Most people who don't tune into Natural News eat bug and weed killer every day, maybe even every meal of their lives. Many Americans, namely one in every three or more, get cancer and can't figure out why. Their doctors won't tell them the truth, and they just can't believe that it came from the food they ate, but 90% of the time, it does. Since the early 1990's, Americans have been secretly fed bug and weed killer in their fruits and vegetables, and in their cereals, bagels, chips, oils and bread. Most innocent folks who don't spend any time doing research on what they put in their mouths think that if they take their fruit and vegetables home and wash them off, or cook them well, that they are getting rid of toxins and they don't have much to worry about.