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pharmaceutical pollution

British Columbia dumps over 34 million gallons of raw sewage, pesticides and pharmaceuticals into the Pacific every day

By Wilson: (NaturalNews) More than 34 million gallons of raw sewage is pumped off the shores of Victoria, British Columbia, into the Strait of Juan de Fuca daily, polluting the ocean and its ecosystem in ways that are poorly understood by researchers.

A report by The Tyee titled, "Victoria's Secret: Dumping Raw Sewage Like It's 1915," details the ongoing environmental crisis, noting that "British Columbia's capital is one of the last major cities north of San Diego to dump all of its untreated waste (including pesticides, street runoff and pharmaceuticals) into the ocean."

San Diego citizens forced to drink their own pharmaceutical pollution through emergency sewage recycling program

By Lilley:(NaturalNews) The drought in California has unfortunately become a way of life for the majority of its residents, with many of them resorting to showering in portable stalls located in parking lots and getting on board with drinking recycled sewage water.