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Suiciding Civilization with Massive Amounts of Poison

Dr. Sircus, April 29, 206
Even before our financial world melts and our economies fall, and even as our leaders risk nuclear war and radiation hell on earth from destroyed (Fukushima) and existing nuclear reactors

After Being Poisoned By Pesticides, This Strawberry Farmer Switched to Organic (And Proved Everyone Wrong)

Health Freedom Alliance, 14 April 2016
While it’s been proven time and time again that “conventional” agriculture, the byproduct of the post-World War II era and the chemicals that remained, causes serious harm, most people don’t realize just how bad it’s gotten.

European Scientists Discover Bee Resurgence After Banning These 3 Pesticides Still Used in The US

health freedom alliance, 8 March 2016
Whether or not Einstein equated bee extinction to human extinction has been challenged and perhaps debunked.

Want to eliminate pesticides from your body? Switch to organic food!

S. D. Wells, January 6 2016
People have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on all kinds of detoxification programs and "super" supplements trying to get toxins out of their bodies, especially after a long binge of bad eating, bad drinking, bad medicine or even bad supplements.

Major Supermarket Bans Bee-Toxic Pesticides in Produce Production

Beyond Pesticides January 25, 2016
Aldi Süd, the German supermarket chain with stores in the U.S., has become the first major European retailer to ban pesticides toxic to bees, including the neonicotinoids imidacloprid, clothianidin and thiamethoxam, from fruits and vegetables produced for their stores.

10 Things You Need To Throw Away Immediately For Better Health

health freedom alliance, 16 November 2015
It’s no secret that human beings have adopted a lifestyle that doesn’t really take health into consideration, especially when we are talking about the large number of products that we choose to surround ourselves with on a daily basis

Growing doubts over GMO safety: a scientist’s experience – The Ecologist

Are GMOs safe? Up to a point, writes Jonathan Latham – provided you’re not eating them. That’s certainly not proven to be safe, indeed the hazards are numerous: protein encoding viral DNA fragments, herbicide metabolites, biotoxins whose operation is not understood, poorly conducted experiments … and those are just the ones we know about.