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Matt Walsh: Dear ‘progressive’ parents, your children are not social experiments.

The world has gone pyscho. I trust this fact has not escaped your notice. And living as we do in this den of insanity, it can be difficult to decide which new example of craziness ought to command our attention. Some would say none of them should anymore. What is the point of focusing on this or that bit of madness? Everything and everyone is mad. We get it. Why dwell on the issue?


Emotional Problems among Children with Same-Sex Parents: Difference by Definition

Abstract: Aims: To test whether small non-random sample findings that children with same-sex parents suffer no disadvantage in emotional well-being can be replicated in a large population sample; and examine the correlates of any differences discovered.

CPS threatens to abduct children after parents let them walk from park alone

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) Little by little and day by day, the Big Government nanny state encroaches further into the lives of ordinary Americans, inserting itself into decisions that were once the sole domain and purview of the individual.

This worsening trend is becoming especially prevalent in decisions that parents make on behalf of, and for, their own children. And the primary mechanism being used by states to usurp parental rights and control are child "protective" agencies.


he criminal law is powerful: breach it and you can lose your liberty. In a parenting context: breach it and your children can also be taken into care. So, it is a cardinal principle of a free society that criminal law is restricted to dealing only with behaviour that should properly be criminalised. Yet by expanding the offence of child cruelty to embrace emotional harm, the UK government’s so-called Cinderella Law will criminalise many aspects of normal family life.

Drop the Easter Bunny fairy tales: children lied to by adults are more likely to cheat and lie

It might seem kind of obvious to some people, but maybe not so much to others: if you lie to your kids, they are more likely to do the same when they grow up, according to a new study.

Parenting 101: Favoring one child gives them all mental health problems

When parents play favorites among their children, it's not just the less-favored child who develops mental health problems, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Toronto, McMaster University, the University of Rochester and published in the journal Child Development. Instead, the entire family's mental health is affected.