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Oxygen Therapies

Baking Soda & Cancer (The Last Laugh)

University of Arizona Cancer Center member Dr. Mark Pagel will receive a $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the effectiveness of personalized baking soda therapy to treat breast cancer. In other words, clinical trials on the use of oral sodium bicarbonate for breast cancer treatments are about to start!

The Changing Landscape of Cancer

This is the introduction to my primer volume of a trilogy of cancer books and it serves to familiarize you with my approach to treating cancer and what you will find in my other books on the subject. I wrote and published the book, Winning the War on Cancer book in 2007, Sodium Bicarbonate; Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment in 2008 and am writing the book Prostate and Breast Cancer in this year of 2012, which will incorporate writings from my book Soft Medicine.