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Grand Unification Theory of Cancer

Inflammation is inseparable from lower pH, oxygen, CO2 and cell energy levels, which of course would track with cell temperature, respiration and elimination. A grand unification theory of medicine would describe this area of physiology where certain things are happening simultaneously.

Could Oxygen Make Cancer Therapy Work Better?

Researchers have been looking for years for a way to use oxygen to fight cancer. Now, they may finally have one.

A new study finds that giving high-dose oxygen may help efforts to stimulate the immune system against tumors. The study’s only been done in mice and hasn't been shown safe in people yet — but it does open some possibilities, the researchers report in the journal Science Translational Medicine.


Growing number of people suffering burns from smoking while on oxygen: doctors

Canadian Press, February 2, 2016
The raw, red burn scars on Al Pombert's face are a warning of what can happen to someone who smokes while on oxygen therapy.