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Orthomolecular Medicine

Big Names; Big Mistakes Consumers Misled by Supplement Bashing

Gert Schuitemaker, PhD,Bo Jonsson,, PhD, October 30, 2015
Big names: the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), arguably the most prestigious medical journal in the world. Plus, the New York Times. On October 14th, the latter mentioned: "Dietary Supplements Lead to 20,000 E.R. Visits Yearly, Study Finds."

Putting It All Together: A closer look at how nutritional deficiencies cause physical and mental illness

A disease is not something you "catch," as is popularly believed, but rather something you develop as a result of nutrient deficiency. This is the philosophy behind orthomolecular medicine, or the application of high-dose nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease, as well as the subject of a powerful book entitled Putting It All Together: The New Orthomolecular Nutrition.