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Natural medicine is NOT the “alternative” — for most of human history, it was the ONLY medicine

When something is labeled an “alternative,” that means there’s something else that is considered the conventional choice.

Retail demand for organics is exploding so rapidly that Costco is actually lending money to farmers to grow more organic food

Isabelle Z, April 20 2016
In news that will be embraced by health-conscious consumers and organic farmers alike, Costco is finding the demand for organic food to be so staggering, that it is lending money to farmers so they can grow enough organic food to keep up.

Costco Going All Out for Organic: You’re Not Going to Believe the New Initiative this Retailer is Taking

health freedom alliance, 19 April 2016
Costco can be a little unpredictable when it comes to embracing natural, healthy foods

Want to eliminate pesticides from your body? Switch to organic food!

S. D. Wells, January 6 2016
People have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on all kinds of detoxification programs and "super" supplements trying to get toxins out of their bodies, especially after a long binge of bad eating, bad drinking, bad medicine or even bad supplements.

Head of USDA organic program refuses to admit organics are healthier

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) Most people know that organically grown foods are healthier for you because they are grown naturally without the use of the chemicals or pesticides that have been blamed for environmental damage and human illness.

Why does it appear that the federal government is not aware of this fact? Could it be that the one person who should know the difference between organic and non-organic farming -- the head of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's organic food program -- is wholly bought and paid for by corporate biotech and bio-agricultural interests?

Vaccine pushers insist organics are useless, chemicals are safe, and fluoride is awesome

By Benson: (NaturalNews) The great measles false flag of 2015 is bringing out the worst in pro-vaccine fanatics, many of whom have taken to the airwaves, social media, websites, and newsprint with militant rantings about why everyone should get vaccinated. But rather than present any actual science to support their verbal discharges, many of these vaccine worshippers have gone off the tracks completely with tangential tirades about organic food being useless, deadly chemicals being safe to eat and fluoride being an awesome substance for children to consume.

Organic food has less pesticide content and is healthier than conventional, more science proves

By PF Louis: (NaturalNews) Organophosphate pesticides (OPs) are among the most used pesticides in agriculture. They are basically neurotoxic, causing neurological issues, learning and developmental disorders and depression, and sometimes leading to suicide.

Just to make sure everyone got their fair share of neurotoxic OPs, the EPA estimated that about 33 million pounds of organophosphate pesticides were used in 2007. That's a fraction of the 1.1 billion pounds of pesticides used mostly by Big Ag, 80 percent.

Besides organic, what's not GMO?

By Wells: (NaturalNews) Look around these days and you will find that 90% of all food is processed and dead, void of all nutrition. You will also find that at least half of that food contains at least some genetically modified ingredients, and this means you're eating organisms grown and mutated in laboratories, including bacteria and insect cells. Are you becoming "the fly"? You know, that giant man/fly hybrid that Jeff Goldblum turned into in that creepy movie from 1986?

Go organic with these 25 homemade coffee creamer recipes

By PF Louis: (NaturalNews) To enhance your coffee drinking pleasure and avoid the toxic flavored creamers on the market, here are 25 ways to do that. First the basic instructions.

Choose the milk and cream or half-and-half that's as healthy as possible, usually organic grass-fed cows will give you that. If you prefer non-dairy milks, make sure you check out the ingredients closely. Avoid soy alternatives.

Susan G. Komen claims organic food is unsafe while pushing KFC chicken buckets and alcohol on women

By Huff: (NaturalNews) The breast cancer awareness group known as Susan G. Komen -- think pink ribbons emblazoned on everything during breast cancer awareness month -- has stooped to a whole new level of stupidity with claims that organic food may not be safe for women.

On its website, Komen claims that consumption of organic food is "a controversial issue," as if clean food is some novel concept that only recently emerged as a hippie fad. The group warns that women shouldn't necessarily opt for organic food over conventional because "research is lacking in this area."