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Puffs versus pounds

February 24, 2009

Pop quiz for teenagers: Are you more likely to die from smoking more than 10 cigarettes a day or from being obese?

That’s a trick question. According to a new study from the British Medical Journal, it’s a tie.

Swedish researchers studied the health records of 45,920 men who were drafted by the Swedish Army in 1969 and 1970 at an average age of 18 years and 8 months. The Army collected information on their height and weight, along with their smoking habits.


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'Fat gene' clue in obesity battle

13/ 4/2007

A GENE found in 16 per cent of the population could be largely responsible for exploding rates of obesity, it has been revealed.

People with two copies of the variant gene are almost 70 per cent more at risk of being obese than those having none - and 6.5 lbs heavier on average.

Although the gene mutation only accounts for a modest weight increase, scientists believe it can tip the scales and lead to obesity in an already-heavy population.


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