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Be careful or you might catch obesity, suggests new study

A new report published in the journal Pediatrics has many common sense folks scratching their heads in confusion. Childhood obesity has become a major problem with more than 17 percent of American children now overweight, and most people realize that poor diet and lack of exercise are to blame.

Facts About Fat: The True Path to Lasting Weight Loss

My grandmother cooked with lard her whole life. And my grandfather ate butter until the day he died… at 82 years old. Neither one of them had diabetes or heart disease. And both were slim built, even in their final years. They’re not unusual for their generation. Most people cooked with lard and ate butter. And enjoyed robust health.

The Woman on Page 194: Why Everyone is Talking About Glamour's "Plus"-Sized Model

It’s a three-by-three inch image that shows an stunning model, blond and smiling, photographed for a story about feeling comfortable in your skin.