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Most Americans Ignore Truth About Obesity, Researchers Say

Many Americans think that people's individual decisions — not societal factors — are to blame for the obesity epidemic, but this is an oversimplified view that could hinder progress toward obesity prevention, researchers argue in a new editorial.

Teaching children to cook found pivotal in their ability to make healthy food choices

While it's obvious that children (and even adults) who like fruits and vegetables are more likely to eat them, researchers are trying to identify the pivotal variable that causes individuals to like them.

Vets increasingly prescribing diet drugs for fat dogs; liposuction use on the rise Learn more:

You have no doubt heard about the obesity epidemic among humans, but believe it or not, the animal kingdom is also battling the bulge, and what's more, veterinarians and researchers see lots of similarities between the species that could lead to better outcomes for both man and beast.

Waist-To-Hip Circumference Ratio (WHR) May Be a Better Predictor Than BMI

Waist-to-hip circumference ratio (WHR) may be a better predictor of all-cause mortality in older adults vs body mass index (BMI), according to the results of a study reported in the October issue of the Annals of Epidemiology.