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Obesity a Major Obstacle to Good Sex Life

Fri Nov 19, 2004

By Randy Dotinga
HealthDay Reporter

FRIDAY, Nov. 19 (HealthDayNews) -- New research confirms the worst fears of those who worry about putting on extra pounds: Severely overweight people are much more likely to report poor sex lives.

In some areas of their sex lives, the obese report 25 times as many problems as people of weight levels considered healthy. Both men and women suffered from lack of sexual desire and enjoyment along with hampered performance. Many reported avoiding sex entirely.


Overweight People Struggle to Exercise

Wed Oct 20, 2004

By ALICIA CHANG, Associated Press Writer

Tom Burns realized he was woefully out of shape after he ran a block and a half around his neighborhood and felt "every bone, muscle and joint in my body was killing me." Back then, Burns was obese. At 5-foot-8, he tipped the scales at 220 pounds. The last time he got any regular exercise was in high school when he played for the hockey team. Over the years, the 38-year-old became less active and watched helplessly as his waistline kept expanding.


Obese Women Who Diet Not at Risk for Binge Eating

Thu Sep 23, 2004

By Charnicia E. Huggins

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Obese women who are considering restricting their calorie intake to shed pounds should not be dissuaded by those who believe dieting may increase their risk of developing a binge-eating disorder, new study findings suggest.

In fact, obese women who dieted for 10 months were no more likely to develop a binge-eating disorder than obese women who did not diet.


U.S. Launches Obesity Attack Plan

Aug. 25, 2004 - Fighting obesity is no longer a mere war of words. Putting its money where its mouth is, the National Institutes of Health this week launched a sweeping obesity fight plan.

Funding obesity research isn't new at the NIH. The federal agency's obesity research budget was $378.6 million in 2003 and $400.1 million in 2004, with plans to spend $440.1 million plus $20 million in discretionary funds in 2005.


Government Releases Plan Focusing on Obesity

Tue Aug 24,  2004

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. National Institutes of Health said on Tuesday it was launching a systematic campaign to fight obesity, which now affects close to two-thirds of the U.S. population and threatens to overtake smoking as the leading cause of death.


Health-Focused Calif. Can't Dodge U.S. Obesity Woes

Thu Aug 12, 2004

By Jim Christie

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) - Fearing an epidemic in child obesity, advocates in health-obsessed California urged federal regulators on Thursday to clamp down on advertising that celebrates America's love affair with fast-food.

High-calorie, low-nutrition foods are already "super-sizing" America, expanding waistlines to the point where adult Americans are the world's fattest people, and Californians are not immune to the trend, said speakers at a conference on food marketing and children.


Subway Brings Jared Back in Anti-Obesity Campaign

By Nichola Groom

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Sandwich chain Subway Restaurants, portraying itself as a leader in the fight against childhood obesity, unveiled a new ad campaign on Wednesday that brings back a long-time spokesman who lost nearly 250 pounds eating Subway sandwiches daily.

Spokesman Jared Fogle disappeared from the chain's commercials about a year ago at the request of franchisees who wanted to broaden the chain's message, Subway President Fred DeLuca said in an interview.


Nighttime Hunger Hormone Surge Missing in Obese

Mon Jun 28, 2004

By Merritt McKinney

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A hormone that triggers hunger may be released on a different schedule in obese people than in thin people, researchers report.

In a small study, levels of the "hunger hormone" ghrelin peaked when lean men were asleep. But obese men did not experience a surge of the hormone during the night.


MD: Obesity Risk for Elderly Overlooked

Fri Jun 25, 2004

By JOANN LOVIGLIO, Associated Press Writer

PHILADELPHIA - As growing rates of obesity in children and adults grab headlines, a doctor says another segment of the population is facing the same problem but has been largely overlooked: elderly people, particularly those in retirement communities and assisted care facilities.


Weight Loss May Improve Lung Function in Obese Women

Thu Jun 10, 2004

By Michelle Rizzo

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Obese women who lose weight may experience improved respiratory function, Canadian researchers report in the June issue of Chest.

"Weight loss seems to work to reduce breathlessness," lead investigator Dr. Shawn D. Aaron, said in an interview, "by unloading the respiratory muscles from the extra weight load around the chest muscles that the muscles were forced to work against."