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Media giant News Corp targeting censorship by Facebook, Google and Amazon in push for “Algorithm Review Board”

The powerful CEO of media giant News Corp, whose properties include The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post in the U.S., has had enough of the blatant censorship of Right-leaning content by Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

3 examples of #fakenews from the world of nutrition research

First off, we’re not touching political news with a ten-foot pole. This is all science all the time. But there’s been a lot of inaccurate nutrition reporting over the six years has been around. Here are three recent examples.

Undamming this major U.S. river is opening a world of possibility for native cultures and wildlife

Renee Lewis, 5/4/16
The run of salmon in the Klamath River this year is the heaviest it has ever known. There are millions of fish below the falls near Keno, and it is said that a man with a gaff could easily land a hundred of the salmon in an hour, in fact they could be caught as fast as a man could pull them in.”

Mom Faces Criminal Charges Because Officials Think Being a Vegan Endangers Her Baby

Liz Dwyer, 2 May 2016
Seminole County, Fla., resident Sarah Markham has been put through the ringer since she refused to give her infant son formula that may have contained animal by-products.

Aloe Vera: Why The Ancient Egyptians Called It The Plant of Immortality

Health Freedom Alliance, 1 April 2016
There are 300 or more different species of Aloe. The most prominent variety, Aloe barbadensis, Miller commonly referred to as Aloe vera, is especially noted for its amazing healing abilities.

Breaking: Big Food Giant Guilty of Money Laundering in GMO Labeling Stunt

health freedom alliance,15 March 2016
Hiding contributing donors against GMO labeling
A landmark case about the dirty-money and politics that go into keeping Big Food and Big Biotech afloat was just decided.

Spanish Leak Reveals Hidden Chamber in Tutankhamun Tomb is Full of Treasures - See more at:

April Holloway, 22 February, 2016
The Tourism Minister of Egypt Hisham Zaazou may have slipped up during a recent visit to Spain when he revealed startling information about the investigations into a hidden chamber in Tutankhamun’s tomb -

Ohio Gun Seller Alleges ‘Widespread’ Government Discrimination

Kelsey Harkness, February 25, 2016
An Ohio firearms retailer who was recently denied access to banking services says the federal government is continuing to “discriminate against” his industry.