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VEGA joins Natural News heavy metals limits for protein products; company's blends already test among cleanest in industry

Over the last month, Natural News rocked the dietary supplements industry by publishing laboratory research results which found significant levels of the heavy metals lead, cadmium and tungsten in popular rice protein products. The industry immediately responded to consumer concerns, and within days, industry leading companies like Garden of Life and SunWarrior agreed to adhere to a voluntary phase-in of heavy metals limits for rice protein products.

Hair colorants and the cancer connection - Protect yourself with these natural alternatives

As a culture obsessed with youth and beauty, it's easy to fall into the trap of using hair dyes to cover those telltale gray hairs. However, using these commercial products is risky since the chemical formulations are linked with a range of cancers. Even so-called 'natural' dyes can compromise health. Where do we turn? With a measure of creativity and knowledge, do-it-yourself hair color can give you glossy, rich locks without the drawbacks of pre-made colorants.

Heavy metals discussions reveal striking state of denial in the minds of some natural products consumers

The reaction to Natural News publishing heavy metals composition tests for natural products has brought to life shocking contradictions in the thinking of some people in the natural products industry.