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Treat depression naturally with these nutrient supplements

BY Ravensthorpe: (NaturalNews) Many experts consider depression to be one of the biggest public health concerns of the 21st century. According to the World Health Organization, depression, which is characterized by a persistent state of pessimism and inactivity, is the leading cause of disability worldwide and a significant contributor to disease. Moreover, it is on the increase. An estimated 350 million people suffer from depression globally, and that number isn't shrinking.

Anyone suffering from poor health needs to do these three things

By Edwards: (NaturalNews) In every case I've ever seen where unhealthy people with disease riddled bodies later became vibrantly healthy, they all had to do three things: They all had to completely get off of all drugs, including marijuana, caffeine, alcohol, any and all prescription drugs, and over the counter medications. They had to fix their gut. They had to totally change their diet, eliminating processed foods and eating lots of produce for the rest of their lives. Eliminate drugs

Let go of conventional wisdom, in regards to food and medicine, to be unconventionally healthy

By Henry: (NaturalNews) The world is full of systems that have been developed to make our life safer, more convenient, and more economical. We have become reliant on many of these systems, and, as a result, we have lost our ability to take care of things ourselves.

If your goal this year is to become more self-sufficient in regaining and optimizing your health, then do your best to avoid these two systems as much as possible and incorporate solutions that give you back your power.

Conventional medical system

Top 4 habits to upgrade in 2015

By Henry: (NaturalNews)

During the festive season, the last thing on most people's minds is healthy choices. After all, when you have chocolate, alcohol, stuffing, and Jello salad sitting in front of you, it often takes a serious act of discipline to choose vegetables, water, and green salad.

However, once the season is over and the mind gravitates towards New Year's resolutions, consider upgrading these 4 habits to live a healthier and happier 2015.

Dairy consumption

Doctors' woeful lack of training about nutrition dooms millions to early graves

Proper nutrition is vital for maintaining good health and warding off illness. Nutrition can also play a pivotal role in healing illness of all kinds, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer - the three leading illnesses which cause deaths.

Easy, natural ways to reduce skin cancer risk Learn more:

"All skin cancer is the result of damage to skin cells," says Lise Alschuler, ND, author of Five to Thrive: Your Cutting-Edge Cancer Prevention Plan.

Safe and effective natural remedies for acne

Instead of opting for potentially harmful mainstream acne medications, try safe and effective natural remedies for acne problems. You may find your acne and associated problems such as redness and light scarring completely gone or greatly improved in as little as two weeks or less.

Get Rid of Your Hemorrhoids Naturally

"I've had hemorrhoids for 20 years. I'm a vegetarian and health nut. Even with my healthy diet and lifestyle I could never get rid of them. I tried Hemroid Harry's Herbal Remedy and within two weeks the hemorrhoids had shrunk and after a month they were completely gone!"

Many grapefruit seed extracts are adulterated, non-profit research group finds

Grapefruit seed extract (GFSE) and the various supplement and cosmetic products that contain it are quite popular among natural health advocates because the powerful substance is said to help prevent and alleviate many health conditions such as cold sores, thrush, gingivitis and gastrointestinal upset.

'Vitamin D Guide' infographic explains importance of vitamin D for optimal health

The vital importance of getting plenty of vitamin D as part of a healthy lifestyle cannot be overstated, and a newly released NaturalNews infographic explains some of the many reasons why vitamin D is crucial to health, as well as how much of it you should be getting.