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Growing doubts over GMO safety: a scientist’s experience – The Ecologist

Are GMOs safe? Up to a point, writes Jonathan Latham – provided you’re not eating them. That’s certainly not proven to be safe, indeed the hazards are numerous: protein encoding viral DNA fragments, herbicide metabolites, biotoxins whose operation is not understood, poorly conducted experiments … and those are just the ones we know about.

Neil Young goes on tour with pro-GMO labeling groups to promote new 'Monsanto Years' album

Neil Young is on tour for his new studio album The Monsanto Years. He has invited 12 non-profits to join him to raise awareness about the corporate takeover of farming and the food supply, environmental degradation and GMO labeling issues like the one Vermont is currently fighting.

Monsanto may occupy the White House - A vote for Hillary is a vote for more GMOs, RoundUp, and glyphosates

By Barker: (NaturalNews) Something truly terrible has happened in America. It didn't take place overnight, and the truth is that what went wrong happened so gradually -- so incrementally -- that most people didn't see it coming until it was too late.

Monsanto tops list of worst poison-pushing food companies that lie to consumers

By Benson: (NaturalNews) The modern American food supply is a tortuous minefield of synthetic additives, toxic flavoring agents and artificially engineered ingredients that are making people sick. And the following eight food corporations, rounded out by the world's most evil corporation Monsanto, are among the worst offenders when it comes to not only using these poisons in their products but also lying about their presence to consumers.

The EPA's 'weed resistance management plan' does nothing to stop the cycle of herbicide overuse and superweeds

By Barker: (NaturalNews) The Environmental Protection Agency has recently confirmed that it will require the GM agriculture industry to conform to a "weed resistance management plan" regarding glyphosate, the main ingredient in the Monsanto-produced herbicide called Roundup.

The plan will include "weed monitoring, farmer education, and remediation plans."

However, some observers have note that this is a case of "too little, too late."

EPA hid truth about glyphosate and cancer for decades to protect Monsanto's corporate profits

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) Did the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency run cover for biotech behemoth Monsanto for years to hide the cancer-causing properties of one of the agri-giant's most profitable chemicals? Absolutely, asserts Dr. Anthony Samsel, a research scientist and consultant who says he has EPA documents in his possession which allegedly show that Monsanto was aware of research tying glyphosate, the primary chemical in the company's popular Roundup herbicide, to cancer since the 1970s.

Call to action on a Monsanto Roundup class action suit

BY Fassa:(NaturalNews) A civil suit accepts a preponderance of evidence instead of evidence that proves guilt without any doubt. This civil suit demands a jury to hear it. It's simply suing Monsanto for false advertising with Roundup, the world's best selling herbicide.

According to the plaintiffs attorney T. Matthew Phillips, the science is there and he has scientists willing to testify. If it does go to the requested jury trial, the facts disclosed within that procedure become part of the public domain. These facts could publicly incriminate Monsanto as a toxic menace.

German ministers call for EU-wide ban on Monsanto's deadly glyphosate herbicide

By Barker: (NaturalNews) Monsanto may be expanding its operations in the United States, but elsewhere, lawmakers, scientists, activists and ordinary citizens are increasingly questioning (and in many cases banning) the introduction of GM crops, along with the use of the glyphosate herbicide (Monsanto's Roundup).

State consumer protection ministers in Germany are advocating an EU-wide ban on glyphosate herbicides in response to the World Health Organization's (WHO) categorization of the chemical as "probably carcinogenic."