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Sweden: Country could be first to go cashless as even churches are accepting cards for offerings | Mail Online

Nation was first in Europe to bring in notes in 1661, Bills and coins now just 3% of Sweden's economy, Bank robberies plunge, but cyber crime surges

A dozen bankers are destroying civilization- and governments don't care

The Katrina debacle was a warm-up act. So was the mortgage fraud with its 30 million foreclosures and resultant homelessness. So is the lifetime indebtedness of young people seeking a college degree.

Look Who's REALLY Footing The Bill In The $25 Billion Mortgage Settlement With The Mega-Bank

he surprising tale that I will attempt to pen in this blog entry has a very familiar cast of characters; the Obama Administration, the Housing Bubble, “Toxic Mortgages”, and Too Big To Fail “TBTF” Banks among others.