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Where’d the Money Come From? Grell/Barrett Pay Off Polevoy – Polevoy Pays Off Rosenthal…

Tim Bolen, May 2016
Last week I wrote an article titled “Polevoy Thrashes Barrett and Grell in California – Piles of Money Change Hands…“ From it, Stephen Barrett, sent me three emails this last week – two of them were angry, and the third sort of whimpered.

The IMF Threatens to Kill the U.S. Dollar

According to Bloomberg and other sources, the International Monetary Fund is expected to announce a reserve currency alternative to the U.S. dollar on October 20th of this year, which experts say will send hundreds of billions of dollars moving around the world, literally overnight.


Crossing Borders With Gold And Silver Coins - A Glimpse Of Things To Come

It’s well-known that you have to make a declaration if you physically transport $10,000 or more in cash or monetary instruments in or out of the US, or almost any other country; governments collude on these things, often informally.

Healthy and Cheap: How to enjoy a whole foods, plant-based diet on a strict budget!

Making improvements to our diet is directly associated with longer lifespan and decreased risk of chronic disease. No one seems to disagree with the connection between diet and well-being or longevity, but there seems to be a lot of arguing about which diet is the best diet.

Greece – What You are not Being Told by the Media

According to mainstream media, the current economic crisis in Greece is due to the government spending too much money on its people that it went broke. This claim however, is a lie. It was the banks that wrecked the country so oligarchs and international corporations could benefit.