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The power of trace minerals: How tiny elements can do so much for the human body

Ask yourself this: Are you getting enough trace minerals? If the word “trace” didn’t precede “minerals”, then you might be more self-assured in your answer. But the word is there for a reason: trace minerals refer to vital minerals that are needed in small amounts. These elements are absolutely vital to the upkeep of our biological functions, yet we need less than 20 mg of these in a single day. That should speak volumes about the potency and significance of trace minerals. Anyone who wants to be at their healthiest needs to take in the following trace minerals on a daily basis:


Trace Minerals Found In Fruits And Vegetables Declining Over Past 50 Years

Fruits and vegetables may not be as nutritious for us as they once were, according to researchers. The main reason for this is farming methods that strip nutrients from both the soil and the produce itself. The result is reduced amounts of trace minerals in the crops.

Here's EXACTLY what whole wheat bread, milk, sugar, and vegetable oil does to the cells of your body (also discover why it's NOT your fault you've struggled to lose your belly fat)

Mike Geary, Nov, 13, 2015
These foods, commonly called “healthy” by experts, the media, and even the government, are actually silently harming the health of you and your family.

40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! Why? The Omega-3 and B12 Myth with Dr. Michael Greger

Dr. Michael Greger talks about why a 40 year vegan dies of a heart attack and all about omega 3's and B12 nutrition and why these two nutrients are so important to all vegans and everyone else.

The Top Ten Natural Sources of Important Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins are very easy to find if you know where to look. Meats,grains, fruits and vegetables are all excellent natural sources of vitamins. As an added bonus, your body will typically absorb the vitamins found in foods more easily than those found in supplements. In this article,i will discuss the top ten natural foods that contain important vitamins that your body needs.

Minerals: The Missing Elements Implicated In A Plethora of Diseases - Full Article

Drugs can be patented and billions of dollars made on a lifetime patient, but basic elements such as minerals will never offer same financial success. The patentability and profitability just is not there like it is with drugs, not to mention that they would not have lifetime patients because most of them would get well. Until mineral science is properly addressed in medicine, there will be no end to the widespread disease epidemic we are witnessing across the globe. This is quite sad, especially considering that the understanding of minerals and the ability to deliver them effectively to the cells has made quantum leaps forward in the past few decades.