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Video proof that our thoughts create reality

Do you believe that your thoughts can create a physical reality? It’s often said that we have about 60,000 thoughts per day and that most of those thoughts are damaging to our health. When you think about it – it’s such a powerful, yet simple concept to appreciate.

Natural ways to increase the power of the mind

It’s really not that complicated – if you want to reach your greatest (human) potential – look for ways to enrich your mind as part of an overall strategy for healthy living. It’s important to appreciate that our daily thoughts and actions play a significant role in developing our consciousness and experience in this world.

Worse than meth: Facebook is altering your mind and turning you into a slave

Are online social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and others as addictive as some drugs like meth? Yes, say an increasing number of social observers and experts. Their advice? Step away from the computer and do it now, while you still can.