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: Health-promoting Nordic diet reduces inflammatory gene activity in adipose tissue

EurekAlert, 5-Jan-2015
A Nordic study led by the Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition at the University of Eastern Finland discovered that the health-promoting Nordic diet reduces the expression of inflammation-associated genes in subcutaneous adipose tissue.

Sleeping in Cold Room Boosts Your Metabolism And it Can Increase The Levels of Brown Adipose Tissue in Your Body

health freedom alliance, 23 November 2015
As we all know, sleeping is extremely important if you want to be healthy.

Research shows dried plums can reduce risk of colon cancer

Texas A&M AgriLife Communications, 25 SEP-2015
Researchers from Texas A&M University and the University of North Carolina have shown a diet containing dried plums can positively affect microbiota, also referred to as gut bacteria, throughout the colon, helping reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Scientists show how aging cripples the immune system, suggesting benefits of antioxidants

Scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have shown how aging cripples the production of new immune cells, decreasing the immune system's response to vaccines and putting the elderly at risk of infection.

Mustard, Cayenne Pepper and Green Tea Boost Your Metabolism for Weight Loss

By Dagan: (NaturalNews) Metabolism refers to the physical and chemical processes that synthesis energy. These chemical reactions take place within the cells with help from enzymes and hormones. This process converts food and oxygen to the energy needed to run the body. Increasing the metabolism increases energy and enables weight loss. Everyone's metabolism is different and this is largely determined by genetics. Your metabolism is also influenced by your age, and it slows down by 5% each decade after age 40.

Five Signs You Need To Support Your Metabolism

When we hear the term “fast metabolism,” it’s usually regarding people — often younger than us — who seem to be able to eat whatever they want and as much of it as they can: They can indulge in sweets, fried food, simple carbs and more without gaining an ounce of fat. But just because they don’t appear to gain weight, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re optimally healthy. They may experience the same low energy, mood swings, brain fog, digestive upset and other effects of unhealthy dietary habits, that, over time, can worsen.