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Do You Really Need to Take Testosterone?

Testosterone is an androgenic sex hormone produced by the testicles (and in smaller amounts in women’s ovaries) that is typically associated with “manhood.” Beginning around age 30, a man’s testosterone levels begin to decline, and continue to do so as the years go on.


Prostate cancer surgery once again found to be useless at saving lives, but successful at destroying sexual health Learn more:

Most men who undergo surgery for prostate cancer derive absolutely no benefit from the treatment, and instead become twice as likely to develop incontinence or impotence compared to men who skip the surgery.

8 natural remedies to overcome erectile dysfunction and impotence

The pharmaceutical industry thought they were on to something really big when they developed drugs like Viagra to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Bill Gates funds technology to destroy your sperm

Mass vaccination is apparently not the only depopulation strategy being employed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as new research funded by the organization has developed a way to deliberately destroy sperm using ultrasound technology.

Monsanto’s Infertility-Linked Roundup Found in All Urine Samples Tested

A recent study conducted by a German university found very high concentrations of Glyphosate, a carcinogenic chemical found in herbicides like Monsanto’s Roundup, in all urine samples tested.