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Natural alternatives to Xanax that alleviate anxiety without side effects

Anxiety affects millions of people every year, and anxiety disorders are considered to be the most prevalent of mental illnesses.

Natural medicine is NOT the “alternative” — for most of human history, it was the ONLY medicine

When something is labeled an “alternative,” that means there’s something else that is considered the conventional choice.

Meditation combined with essential oils from Satureja genre found to ease anxiety

Aromatherapy using the essential oil of Satureja brevicalyx and S. boliviana, coupled with mindfulness meditation can relieve anxiety.

Mindfulness Is Just As Good At Treating Depression As Drugs

Lecia Bushak, Apr 29, 2016
Recent research into mindfulness — focusing on the present moment through meditation — has shown it comes with myriad health benefits, from alleviating pain to treating post-traumatic stress disorder.

Mindfulness Vs Meditation: The Difference Between These Two Pathways To Well-Being And Peace Of Mind

Lecia Bushak, Mar 10, 2016
The terms “meditation” and “mindfulness” are tossed around quite a bit these days, highlighted in studies touting their health benefits, or yoga studios declaring new ways for you to find inner peace in your busy life.

Another Huge Company Is Harnessing The Power Of Mindfulness

Jenny Che,Feb 26, 2016
Taking some time to look inwards goes a long way.
That’s something Salesforce employees will soon be able to do regularly, as the cloud-based software company begins installing mindfulness rooms on each floor of its buildings.