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Medical Marijuana

Autism Spectrum Disorders

On the very last night before my staff put my book, Medical Marijuana, into production for publication, I read an incredible story by Steve Davis about a man and his wife who “cured autism” in their daughter with cannabis. It’s not really incredible; it is exactly what one would expect.

Feds covertly attack state-sanctioned medical marijuana

Obama promised to let the states decide medical marijuana use. But federal agencies began paramilitary style raids on state-sanctioned, legal medical marijuana dispensaries around October of 2011. The rights that Obama promised to uphold have thus far been violated in 16 states.

Hospital Prescribes Cancer Patient Pot, Then Refuses Him a Life-Saving Transplant For Smoking It

Norman Smith was within two months of receiving a liver transplant when the same hospital that prescribed him the pot de-listed him. Now, he may die as the result.

Medical MJ Patients Continue To Be Targeted By Cops

In Scottsdale, AZ alone, one attorney alone is complaining of receiving dozens of calls from medical marijuana patients who are arrested, raided or hassled by law enforcement.

California court rejects limits on medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana

The California Supreme Court on Thursday rejected limits on medical marijuana imposed by state lawmakers, finding that people with prescriptions for pot can have and grow all they need for personal use.