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California's Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown abandons medical ethics and women's choice: says the state owns your children

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) When it comes to the "party of tolerance and choice," the actual concepts of "tolerance" and "choice" – along with individual freedom and liberty – tend to take a back seat, especially in authoritarian California, where all children are now essentially wards of the state.

Vaccines are inherently risky; mandatory vaccination violates human rights and medical ethics

By Huff: (NaturalNews) Freedom isn't really freedom unless it applies to everyone. And the recent push to eliminate vaccine exemptions across the country and force every child who attends public school to be vaccinated is a perfect example of freedom shrugged, as it violates not only the American Medical Association's (AMA) Code of Medical Ethics, but also the basic human right of every person to accept or reject medical treatment at will.

Transplanting heads to different bodies possible in just two years, scientist says

BY Benson: (NaturalNews) The old adage "idle hands are the devil's workshop" couldn't be a more accurate description for the types of projects now taking place in the name of progressive "science." A scientist from Europe claims to be developing a way to transplant the head from one person's body onto another in order to reanimate life, and he says the technology should be ready within two years.

Belligerent TV doctors badger patients in violation of AMA's medical ethics standards

By Benson: (NaturalNews) Some conventional doctors have decided to take their vitriolic bedside manner to the airwaves in hateful condemnation of the unvaccinated. Defying the clear standards set forth by the American Medical Association (AMA) for proper medical ethics, celebrity physicians like vaccine-lover Paul Offit are literally badgering parents into getting their children jabbed, and in the process violating the oath which they took when they promised to "do no harm."

Doctors knowingly violate the AMA's code of medical ethics with vaccines

By Devon: (NaturalNews) Blindly trusting medical professionals will leave you sick and depressed, disempowered and diseased. Remember: You are your own doctor first, and the answers for healing are all around you!

Entire national media calling on doctors to violate fundamental medical ethics in push for vaccines

By Huff: (NaturalNews) Like the infamous brownshirts who marched lockstep in obedience to their beloved dictator, nearly every major mainstream media outlet today is simultaneously and savagely ripping at those who choose not to vaccinate, calling for free-thinking parents to be jailed, have their children taken from them, and be forcibly injected with whatever vaccines the state deems necessary.