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Marijuana legalization in California on the horizon?

Californians may soon have the freedom to grow, buy, sell, transport, and, of course, use all varieties of marijuana and cannabis hemp products in their state, thanks to the committed efforts of a vast network of grassroots activists that are right now seeking to re-legalize the natural plant species on the upcoming 2014 ballot.

Marijuana Cures Methadone and Heroin Addiction!

I can already feel the first comment. What the hell is he talking about? Well, Okay. During the 1860’s Cannabis/Marijuana was used in the U.S. to get addicted people off alcohol, tobacco and opium, and it was very successful in doing so. Many Civil War veterans were addicted to all three of these.

Uruguay’s Marijuana-Legalization Bid Opens New Chapter in Global Pot Debate

Legislators in Uruguay’s lower house today narrowly voted to legalize marijuana in an ambitious effort to target the illegal drug trade that has plagued the region. The bill, which President José Mujica has strongly supported, is expected to pass in the Senate in the fall, though a majority of Uruguay’s citizens still oppose the measure.

In Case You Missed It, Government Confirms And Reports That Marijuana Prevents Or Cures Certain Cancers

In a recent report, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the Federal government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH), stated that marijuana “inhibited the survival of both estrogen receptor–positive and estrogen receptor–negative breast cancer cell lines.” The same report showed marijuana slows or stops the growth of certain lung cancer cells and suggested that marijuana may provide “risk reduction and treatment of colorectal cancer.”

Big Marijuana lobby fights legalization efforts

Medical marijuana is a billion-dollar industry — legal in 18 states, including California, Nevada, Oregon and Maine — and like any entrenched business, it’s fighting to keep what it has and shut out competitors. Dispensary owners, trade associations and groups representing the industry are deeply concerned — and in some cases actively fighting — ballot initiatives and legislation that could wreck their business model.

Cops across America tell federal government to end marijuana prohibition

A cohort of law enforcement officials and long-time law enforcement veterans has had enough of the federal government's continued prohibition of marijuana, and is demanding that the rogue entity back off and respect the people's sovereign right to grow and use the natural plant as they see fit, particularly in the states of Colorado and Washington where oppressive prohibition laws were recently lifted through voter initiatives.

New wave of business opportunities involving medicinal, nutritional marijuana sweep Colorado

New business opportunities abound in the state of Colorado, where Amendment 64 to legalize the recreational sale and use of marijuana was recently passed with flying colors by 1.36 million enthusiastic Colorado voters. An entire sector of the market that was formerly limited to only licensed marijuana dispensaries for approved medical patients, in other words, is set to potentially expand more publicly into things like bakeries that sell cannabis-infused goodies; corner coffee shops that serve joints alongside lattes; and even restaurants that serve meals containing a much different kind of hash.