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Schedule II? Cannabis threatens to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry

Here's the kicker: the hardcore killer, Fentanyl, is a Schedule II drug, meaning doctors can prescribe it through pharmacies. Cannabis, on the other hand, which has never killed a soul, is a Schedule I, right up there with heroin.

Why lab-made synthetic marijuana is NOTHING like actual cannabis

(NaturalNews) It seems to be standard operating procedure among scientists and drug manufacturers that whenever a natural substance is found to have beneficial medicinal or health-promoting properties, a synthetic version produced in the laboratory will soon follow – and often with disastrous results.

The DEA used $18 MILLION in taxpayer money to destroy marijuana plants, attack legal businesses, arrest medical patients

J. D. Heyes, April 27 2016
The Obama Administration and Congress continue to send conflicting messages about the cultivation and recreational use of marijuana.

This Summer The DEA May Choose to Reschedule Marijuana To A Schedule II Drug – Mixed Feelings Abound

health freedom alliance, 21 April 2016
After decades of intransigence on the issue, the Drug Enforcement Administration may finally recommend removing marijuana from the list of the country’s most dangerous drugs.

Federal Marijuana Defense

2900 BC

Chinese Emperor Fu Hsi refers to “ma,” the Chinese word for marijuana, as a poplar medicine that possessed both yin and yang, as noted by Robert Deitch in Hemp: American History Revisited: The plant with a Divided History

1500 BC

The use of marijuana for medical purposes, first recorded in written form, is found in Chinese Phramacopeia, the Rh-ya

1450 BC

The Bible’s book of Exodus references cannabis in the recipe for holy anointing oil

1213 BC

Colorado driver profiled, searched for marijuana over having Colorado license plates

A Colorado resident has filed suit against an Idaho police department, alleging that he was profiled by cops during a road trip through the state last year because of his license plate.