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Each day, are you shortening or extending your life?

Beginning with the moment you wake up, what personal care products, foods, beverages, cleaning products and supplements are you using and consuming? Your skin is your largest organ, and you only have one body in this life. Let's examine two ways of going about a typical day and see the MAJOR differences some people can make to either incur health detriment or boost their immunity and vitality. Here we go.

Look years younger by ditching health-sapping bad habits

It has been shown repeatedly that bad habits are detrimental to a person's health. Whether this involves smoking or using smokeless tobacco, drinking in excess, not exercising, eating high fat and calorie food, or any number of myriad of other bad habits, they can actually shorten the lifespan of that particular person. In fact, in some cases, these bad habits can take a dozen or more years off their lives.

World's oldest yoga teacher spills secrets of youth and healing

Tao Porchon-Lynch can balance all of her weight on her forearms, lifting her entire body up and parallel to the floor without the need for support from her legs. She also engages in competitive dancing, cutting a rug with dancing partners half her age.

Tree nuts found to lower death rate by 20 percent

A study by scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health has shown that those who consume nuts daily reduce the risk of death by 20 percent from any cause of death. For death caused by heart problems, eating nuts reduces the risk of death by 29 percent. It was also observed that eating nuts reduces deaths caused by cancer by 11 percent.

World's oldest animal was 507 years old, until scientists killed it

Although scientists and their conservation efforts (let's forget their destructive efforts for this article) have done some amazing things to save numerous plants and animals, like determining that DDT was one factor affecting the birth rates of the American bald eagle (leading to its eventual recovery), they also make mistakes. One such mistake was accidentally killing the world's oldest animal.

Occasional Fasting Offers Boost in Mental Health and Longevity

Longevity is not only rooted in what we put in our bodies but also how we regulate our intake. There is a Japanese proverb, “hara hachi bunme” or “Stop eating when you are 80% full”. It has certainly benefited the people of Japan who have a life expectancy of 86 years for women and 79 for men versus 80 and 75 respective years for American.

Exercise – is it the key to health and longevity?

If you’ve ever read Growing Old Is Not for Sissies by Etta Clark, you may have already answered this question. The book is a collection of portraits of senior athletes – folks who are in exceptional shape at advanced ages. This certainly serves as evidence for the benefits of exercise.