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Drink Coffee for Longevity?

If you have trouble getting motivated in the morning without copious amounts of coffee, you’re far from alone. Just look at the number of people standing in line at your local Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts establishments. And that doesn’t even include all the people frequenting their local internet coffee bar or stopping at the nearby mom and pop coffee shop or brewing their java at home. While the verdict is still out on whether coffee confers more advantages or disadvantages healthwise, there is now another piece of information in coffee’s favor.

World's oldest creature living healthy life at 183 years old thanks to nutritious diet

Jennifer Lea Reynolds, January 17, 2016
Parts of his body are very weathered-looking, and he gets around extremely slowly, but after all, we're talking about a 183-year-old.

NIH study finds calorie restriction lowers some risk factors for age-related diseases

NIH, National Institutes of Health, September 1, 2015
Two-year trial did not produce expected metabolic changes, but influenced other life span markers

Stop taking statin drugs - high cholesterol leads to longer life

By Dagan:(NaturalNews) High cholesterol levels are believed to lead to heart conditions and early death. Statin drugs to lower LDL cholesterol are prescribed to more than 13 million Americans, and almost all men over the age of 60. Research published in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism in April 2015 now shows that, as you age, having high cholesterol is beneficial. The research, which was conducted in Japan, showed that people with the highest cholesterol levels had the lowest mortality rate from heart disease.

Standing increases longevity and builds telomeres

By Dagan: (NaturalNews) Standing up is good for your health. People who stand live longer and have longer telomeres, an indicator of good health and longevity. Sitting is tied to disease and aging. Research has now shown that standing instead of sitting can prevent telomere shortening. Circuit training is also recommended, but actually the time you spend on your feet may be more important that time spent exercising, as far as telomere length protection is concerned.

Solar activity may affect our life in profound ways

By Devon: (NaturalNews) It's easy to get caught up in the material things of our modern day society, rushing through, not paying any attention to the skies hovering around our head. We walk the globe, not realizing that we're hanging off a sphere, grounded by a powerful force of gravity that keeps us from falling through the sky and out into the black. As we are spun around a sphere, the very sphere that we rely on is circling around a giant, fiery heat source. When we stop and look up, we realize that we are at the mercy of much greater powers in the universe.