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Imperial College London negotiated with drug company to clear graduate student of academic fraud

In order to continue perpetuating the illusion that it has credible science on its side, the drug industry has made careful inroads into academia over the years, effectively merging its own interests with the curricula of prominent research universities for the purpose of publishing a steady stream of industry-favorable studies in respected journals. And this disturbing reality has once again been made apparent by the fact that yet another distinguished academic institution has apparently succumbed to pressures from Big Pharma, having recently acquitted an industry-backed Ph.D. student of academic fraud after negotiating with the drug company that sponsored his studies.

‘Atlantis’ found? Doggerland artifacts on display at London museum

Whether Atlantis was real may never be known. But scientists from several European universities have recovered artifacts from a kind of "European Atlantis" at the bottom of the North Sea.