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Lead Poisoning

This could save your life: Everything you need to know about lead poisoning

Lead is a naturally-occurring heavy metal abundant in the earth’s crust. It’s also an incredibly toxic metal that can wreak havoc on the human body, even in tiny amounts.

Lead Poisoning Still a Problem

Back in the 1970’s, lead poisoning was a leading topic of conversation, along with the war in Viet Nam and post-mortem Elvis sightings. Back then, researchers discovered that an astonishing 77 percent of children in the US had high levels of lead in their bloodstream. Since lead can have a profound and harmful effect on children’s developing brains, an alarm was sounded. The primary source at that time was household paint. Lead was a common ingredient back then, because it helps paint adhere to walls, last longer, dry faster, and resist water better.

Half the Victims of Police Brutality Are People With Disabilities, Study Finds

Alex Zielinski, 09 March 16
Researchers have uncovered a commonly missing factor in police brutality stories: A victim’s disability.

Hundreds of St. Louis children diagnosed with lead poisoning annually

There is an epidemic of lead poisoning in the "rust belt" city of St. Louis, where hundreds of children annually are diagnosed with the condition, according to new reports. The St. Louis Department of Health (SLDH) says that, while city-wide efforts to reduce lead exposure have been moderately successful, many children are still encountering lead from aging buildings, dust and other silent sources.