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WATCH: Israeli Startup Gives ‘Locked-In’ Patients Ability to Communicate

EyeControl is an inexpensive, mobile and screen-free communication device that allows “locked-in” patients to communicate at anytime, anywhere. Patients with ALS and other diseases are “locked-in” their own bodies. Although they may have significant cognitive capabilities, they cannot speak or use their limbs.

Archaeologists discover unprecedented fabric collection dating to Kings David, Solomon

DANIEL K. EISENBUD, 02/24/2016
In an unprecedented discovery, Tel Aviv University archeologists recently uncovered an extensive collection of ancient fabrics in the Arava Valley dating back to the era of King David

Israelis can now sue the Palestinian Authority on terrorism charges

For years, the Israeli courts have gone back and forth in the case of a man known only as Abdullah, an east Jerusalem teacher who was kidnapped and tortured by the Palestinian Authority’s security apparatus over suspicions that he had collaborated with Israel.