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Widespread hospital infections by antibiotic-resistant CRE bacteria prove the danger of U.S. healthcare facilities

A clever opponent attacks precisely where its enemy is most vulnerable, but don't expect it to just stop there. In what may soon become the newest, most fatal consequence in the marriage of conventional medicine and irresponsible, narcissistic technology, an emerging family of drug-resistant bacteria, that's been quietly preying on patients of hospitals and nursing homes for more than a decade, are gaining strength, making headlines and raising concern across the country.

Bovine Colostrum Reduces Infections in Athletes

Regular intense exercise, such competitive sports in which many children and young adults perform, is known to depress the immune system and elevate the risk for respiratory infection. British sports research concludes that bovine colostrum can help prevent these infections.

The end of Modern Medicine has arrived, according to the WHO

The day is coming when the host of antibiotics doctors currently use to fight off bacterial infections won't work anymore, leaving the world's population vulnerable to everything from scratches on your knee to disease, according to the United Nation's (UN) World Health Organization (WHO).