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California DMV orders workers to overlook identity theft by illegal immigrants

By Barker: (NaturalNews) As someone who was born and raised in Texas, has lived in southern California and traveled extensively in Mexico, I have developed what I consider to be a nuanced view on immigration. I speak a fair amount of Spanish and have a respect for the mostly hard-working, honest people who have come to the United States -- illegally or not -- simply seeking better lives for themselves and their families.

Federal judge bars AZ sheriff from enforcing immigration and identity theft laws

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) A federal judge has once again blocked Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio from ordering raids of employers with the aim of detaining undocumented immigrants who have used stolen identities to work, under the provisions of two state identity theft laws.

U.S. District Judge David Campbell ruled that the raids by Arpaio and his department were likely unconstitutional and against federal law, Courthouse News Service reported.