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Should All Homeschooled Children be Required to Report to “Child Protection Services” to Check for Abuse?

The Chronicle of Social Change


Marie Cohen’s latest column in The Chronicle calls for requiring that every parent who homeschools a child bring that child before a mandated reporter of child abuse for periodic inspection.

As with every other well-intentioned proposal to intrude on families, the problem with this one is the harm it would do to children in 32 states. (In 18 states everyone is a mandated reporter, including every parent, so, presumably, the proposal would have no effect at all.)


Wave of homeschooling sweeps California: Public schools poison minds of children while SB 277 poisons their bodies

By Benson: (NaturalNews) California Governor Jerry Brown has reportedly signed into law the contentious Senate Bill 277, which eliminates the freedom of California parents to opt their children out of vaccinations for personal reasons. All school-age children without an approved medical exemption will now be forced to get vaccinated in order to attend public or private school, a tyrannous mandate that has already driven many objecting parents to homeschool their children instead.

Government invades home school, interrogates family about vaccines and firearms

By Barker: (NaturalNews) An unwanted visit from a Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) case worker to a Belvidere, New Jersey, family's home has become the basis of a $60 million lawsuit against the state agency.

On January 13, 2015, the Zimmer family answered a knock at the door from Michelle Marchese, a DCP&P case worker who demanded to be let in the home for interrogation purposes regarding the homeschooling of Christopher, Sr., and Nicole Zimmer's son, Christopher, Jr.

Homeschooling family persecuted by Canadian medical system escaped to freedom in Germany

(NaturalNews) When the Herrmann family decided to leave Germany eight years ago to come to Canada where homeschooling is more widely accepted, they thought they were making the smart choice for their children's health and education. But the nightmare that would ensue for their precious son Marc, an identical twin born prematurely with serious health problems that almost killed him, eventually drove the family back to their native land in desperate pursuit of medical freedom.

Families to be investigated by the government before 'allowed' to homeschool their children

On December 3, 2013, Ohio state senator Capri Cafaro (D) introduced a bill that would require Ohio parents to be investigated by social services before being allowed to homeschool their children. It was called "Teddy's Law" to honor a 14-year-old boy who was abused and beaten to death at home.

Homeschooling enrollment skyrocketing as parents seek to protect children from public school brainwashing

There is less faith now in the public education system than there ever has been. Homeschooling has increased by 75 percent in the last 14 years, according to a recent report in Education News. Homeschooling is growing seven times faster than a K-12 public education. Researchers predict that the homeschooling boom will continue to explode over the next 10 years, as parents seek to provide their son/daughter with a better education, one that is less controlling and less controlled.