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Home Grown Food Summit

Julia Parker-Dickerson to be featured speaker at 'Home Grown Food Summit'

(NaturalNews) Julia Parker-Dickerson, who serves as the Director of Youth Education Programs with the National Gardening Association, will be a featured speaker at an upcoming, free online event called the "Home Grown Food Summit."

The summit will include dozens of presenters who will provide information about how you can secure your own food freedom.

Marjory Wildcraft, backyard food expert, to host 'Home Grown Food Summit'

By Heyes: (NaturalNews) Backyard food production expert and author Marjory Wildcraft will host a free online event in April called the "Home Grown Food Summit," which features 30 experts who will discuss a range of topics to help you become more food independent.

In this introductory video, Wildcraft talks about her "passion" for backyard food production, noting that anyone who is concerned about "all the chemicals and toxins" used in commercial food production should definitely attend the summit.