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NHS declares total ban on homeopathy and herbal medicine, goes all-in for Big Pharma’s chemical medications that are bankrupting the world

The United Kingdom’s publicly funded healthcare system, the National Health Service (NHS), is on the verge of banning homeopathy and herbal medicine. A new consultation document is being sent out to NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to limit the scope of what doctors can prescribe. Instead of cracking down on expensive and side effect-ridden chemical drugs, the NHS is targeting homeopathy and herbal medicine.

This Chinese herbal medicine could be the cure for Ebola, scientists discover

(NaturalNews) In the search for a safe and effective treatment for the Ebola virus, researchers from Texas have discovered a novel compound found in a natural Chinese herb that they say works better than any experimental pharmaceutical or vaccine at blocking the virus from interacting with cells, thus preventing it from taking hold and infecting the body.

Biologist explains how marijuana causes tumor cells to commit suicide

By Benson: (NaturalNews) The therapeutic potential of cannabis appears limitless, extending far beyond just relieving nausea or pain in the terminally ill. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist from Compultense University in Madrid, Spain, has been studying the molecular activity of cannabinoids for more than 10 years, and during this time she and her colleagues have learned that tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the primary psychoactive component of cannabis, induces tumor cell "suicide" while leaving healthy cells alone.

Use these 17 herbs and spices to fight diabetes

By Lilley: (NaturalNews) According to the most recent American Diabetes Association report, 29.1 million Americans are diabetic. Additionally, the disease still held the rank of being the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. Over 8 million of that 29.1 are undiagnosed, unaware that they have the condition.(1)

Therefore, it's wise for everyone to take a closer look at their dietary lifestyle and eat foods that help fight diabetes.

Fight diabetes with these 17 herbs and spices

Cure sinus infections naturally using these herbs

By Wilson: (NaturalNews) This time of year, nearly everyone is suffering from some type of sinus irritation, whether it be a respiratory infection, head cold or agitated allergies caused by wintertime allergens (most likely cedar if you're living in central Texas). If you're like me, you avoid over-the-counter allergy pills like a plague. For one, they don't always work, and secondly, they're usually accompanied by a range of side effects including drowsiness, headache, dry mouth and nervousness.

Make your own antibacterial bandages with these garden plants

By Lilley: (NaturalNews) When most people accidentally cut or scrape themselves, the first item they reach for is a store-bought bandage. After all, they're convenient; just pluck them out of a box, peel off the protective covering and slap them on. Plus, many of them come in bright colors or feature images of cartoon characters, making them appealing not just to children, but even to some whimsy-loving adults.

Now the downside.

Five warming spices that raise our body temperature

By Ravensthorpe: (NaturalNews) One of the easiest and healthiest ways for us to stay warm during the coldest times of the year is to eat more so-called "warming" foods. Warming foods, which ancient Chinese medicine referred to as "yang" foods, are foods that contain one or more active compounds that help raise our core temperature -- often by boosting blood circulation or removing excess water from our tissues. Seeds, nuts, oats, garlic and onions are classic examples of traditional warming foods.(1)

Herbs to fight against colds, flus and chronic disease development

By Jockers:(NaturalNews) Many herbal compounds act to reduce inflammation and enhance our body's immune system. Two of the most well-researched anti-inflammatory, immune-strengthening herbs are turmeric and green tea. These are great components to add to your daily regimen to strengthen your immune system and protect against colds, flus and the development of chronic disease.

5 herbs to naturally alleviate menopause symptoms without hormones

By Wilson:(NaturalNews) Fatigue, mood swings, night sweats and decreased libido are just a few of the uncomfortable symptoms that accompany menopause, a process that marks the end of a woman's fertility, typically occurring around the age of 51.

The depletion of ovarian follicles or oocytes tamper with a woman's reproductive hormones, resulting in low estrogen levels that induce most the of the side effects associated with menopause. Lower androgen levels, or male hormones, contribute to the loss of sex drive, reports UCLA Health.