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hepatitis C

12-week course of new Hepatisis C drug costs $94,500

By Barker:(NaturalNews) There is new hope for those infected with the potentially deadly hepatitis C virus -- but only for those who can afford it.

The FDA recently approved a combination pill -- the first of its kind -- to treat hepatitis C. The new drug appears to be very effective, with a cure rate of 94 percent in those who took it for a three-month period. For people with hard-to-treat hep C (such as those with cirrhosis), a six-month treatment was administered with a resultant cure rate of nearly 100 percent.

Drinking coffee reduces chances of dying from liver cirrhosis

People who drink two or more cups of coffee per day are 66 percent less likely to die from certain forms of liver disease, according to a study conducted by researchers with the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore and the National University of Singapore and published in the journal Hepatology this month.