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How to Use Herbal Salves & Ointments to Shrink Your Hemorrhoids

Comfrey Herbal Salve

Here is an herbal combination that contains herbs that
promote the healing of skin wounds and blood vessel, is
antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, soothing, and antiitching.

Here is what is in it:

o Comfrey root
o St. John's Wort flower and bud
o Calendula flower
o Plantain leaf
o Chickweed herb
o Mullein leaf

Here's how to use it:

Clean the area where you want to apply the salve. Apply
the salve to the anus or slightly into the rectum by rubbing


Hemorrhoids and Enlarged Rectal Veins

Hemorrhoids, in the rectum, occur when the veins are not returning enough blood back to the heart. When this happens, the vein walls do not receive enough oxygen and release a substance into the blood that causes them swell and become inflamed. This swelling weakens them and their more likely to break when they are rubbed, like during a bowel movement.


Hemorrhoids – What Do I Need to Do?

There are many unpleasant symptoms and diseases associated with constipation. Hemorrhoids is one such symptom and many doctor or practitioners say, ”its not a serious condition.” As a natural nutritional consultant, I say, “Hemorrhoids is a condition you need to treat or better yet eliminate.”


Get Hemorrhoid Relief from Herbal Remedies

Here are four different herbs that can give you hemorrhoid relief and help to get rid of your hemorrhoids. Using these herbs is a convenient and cost effective way to treat your hemorrhoid symptoms.

Use these herbs just long enough to give you hemorrhoid relief. Once you see that your symptoms have disappeared, stop using these herbs. Using herbs longer than necessary will make you less sensitive to the power of these herbs, if you have to use them again.

Comfrey root powder

Comfrey powder comes from an herbal root that has plenty


Fruits, Juices, and Food for Relieving Hemorrhoids Part II

Eating the right kind of food and following good eating habits will speed up your healing of your hemorrhoids. If you have a diet that is hard to digest and moves slowly through your colon, then, expect to have constipation which will encourage formation of hemorrhoids or prevent the their healing.

Here are some foods that will help give you relief from hemorrhoids

Use the following foods to help reduce hemorrhoid bleeding:

• Alfalfa
• Dark green leafy vegetables
• Blackstrap molasses


Fruits and Juices Important for Relieving Hemorrhoids Part I

Chili Peppers

It has been found that when you eat a lot of chili peppers
that you can get a burning sensation in the rectum or anus.
It is best to avoid eating too many peppers, especially if you
have an advance case of hemorrhoids. Peppers are actually
good for blood circulation and for healing ulcers. It is always
the excess that creates problems in your body.

Here are some additional foods to avoid, which cause constipation.

• Coffee
• Alcohol
• Bad Fats
• Animal products
• Red meat


Drugstore Hemorrhoid Medications

There are many drugstore and alternative Internet products

for treating hemorrhoids. Most of the products are not
made to cure or eliminate hemorrhoids but to give you
temporary relief of itching, pain, swelling or bleeding. I
don't recommend using any type of product that is not
natural or that comes from a drugstore.

If the product contains petrochemicals, additives, coloring,
dyes, or other chemicals, which enhance its appearance and
feel, I would not use them. Most, if not all, of these