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Research proves bad eating behaviors of children can lead to heart disease later in life

Heart failure is considered to be one of the top killers for men and women across the United States. This year alone, more than 900,000 people in America will have a heart attack. What's interesting is that research is now showing that heart disease can actually stem back to eating behaviors at a very early age. In simpler terms, children are predisposing their bodies to developing heart complications by the foods they choose (or are given) to consume.

Antibacterial agent in common household products shown to weaken the heart and muscles

Found in a variety of soaps, hand sanitizers, fabrics, toothpastes, mouthwashes and even tap water, researchers have discovered triclosan is far from harmless. Linked to heart failure and decline in muscle strength, the agent has come under scrutiny due to its widespread use in common household products. Considering the Environmental Protection Agency estimates over one million pounds of the chemical are produced each year in the United States, such excessive daily exposure has researchers worried - and for good reason.

Job-related stress is a significant risk factor in the development of heart disease

Heart disease is a largely preventable chronic illness that is the leading killer of men, women and children in many western societies. Researchers and alternative medical experts have identified a long list of dietary and lifestyle factors that work together to promote development of the disease and validate lifestyle modifications that reverse vascular dysfunction and dramatically lower the risk of succumbing to heart disease.

Does salt cause hypertension and heart disease?

From cradle to grave, most people are poorly educated about how to avoid cancer, heart disease plus many other degenerative conditions. While extreme dieting techniques and dangerous drugs are popularized in the media, we simply don't hear enough about the healing power of whole (unrefined) organic foods. For example, should we eat salt? The controversy continues to this day...

New research: Acupressure and yoga help serious heart problems

Have a serious heart rhythm problem and trying alternative and complementary approaches to help? If so, the odds are you might well be told by your mainstream doctor and even family and friends that those therapies are "quackery" and you need to totally rely on Big Pharma drugs or surgery. However, news from an international cardiology conference could hopefully change those outdated opinions about therapies like acupressure and yoga.


Matters of the heart are risky. Even the fittest person needs to take good care of the heart because cardiovascular disease is almost like an animal on prowl. A little negligence and you could end up suffering from it. Hypertension is often the beginning of this dilemma. In fact, research has proved that one doesn’t even need to be a victim of hypertension to be affected by bad cardiovascular health. Even a spike in blood pressure could render a person susceptible. And considering almost 30% of adults in the US suffer from high blood pressure, it is even more alarming. But there’s good news for anyone that’s likely to be at the receiving end. In short, Vitamin C.

The Heart Disease: A Killer Lurking in our Body

If heart disease is an assassin he would be the highest paid in terms of the number of people it has killed. Crowned as the number one killer in America, the heart disease can also be easily averted if a body is well taken care of. A healthy heart can give its owner no worries. Some restrictions can easily avert a heart disease from happening.