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Beneficial bacteria linked to a reduced risk of breast cancer

Can probiotics really reduce the risk of breast cancer? The answer may surprise you.
Everyone seems to be talking about the benefits of probiotics these days, and with good reason. They have been linked with health effects like improved digestive and urinary function, a stronger immune system, the healing of IBS and other inflammatory bowel issues plus so much more.

How to debunk the most common dietary myths using science

While more and more dietitians, nutritionists and doctors are coming around to face the facts that all calories are not the same and that fat is actually good for you, there is still a strong status quo element pushing dietary myths like the low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet, for instance, and "saturated fats are bad" dogma. These and other popular, yet fundamentally incorrect, dietary fallacies are still prevalent, but they are also easily debunked using science, that is if you know where to look for it.