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Fluoride Officially Classified as a Neurotoxin in World's Most Prestigious Medical Journal

health freedom alliance, 15 February 2016
The movement to remove industrial sodium fluoride from the world’s water supply has been growing in recent years, with evidence coming out against the additive from several sources.

Bacteria-Fighting Beards: How Facial Hair Could Help Tackle Antibiotic Resistance

health freedom alliance, 15 February 2016
Last May, bearded men across the country were reaching for their shavers after the news broke that their beloved facial hair is likely to contain as much fecal matter as a toilet. But new research suggests this is not the case.

Breakthrough Discovery Shows That Resonant Frequencies Can Kill Cancer Cells

health freedom alliance, 12 February 2016
An important breakthrough may prevent people from suffering from cancer or the aggressive radiation and chemotherapy treatments used to kill cancer cells.

What Is Magnetic Therapy and How It Can Help You

health freedom alliance, 10 February 2016
Magnetic therapy is a form of alternative treatment, part of the Naturopathy which uses the power of magnets in order to re-establish the inner magnetic equilibrium of the body and treat any dysfunctions and diseases which may appear in the human body.

FDA Bans 3 Cancer-Causing Chemicals, Ignores Dozens More – Here Are the Products You Need to Avoid

health freedom alliance, 10 February 2016
If it was not bad enough that most pizzas contain GMOs, MSG, and a whole list of preservatives, now the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) admits that pizza boxes are full of toxins

When to Use Cold or Heat Therapy for Pain, Stiff Muscles and Joints

health freedom alliance, January 21, 2016
Heat and cold therapies are very common types of home treatments to relieve pain, but have you ever wondered whether you should use heat or cold therapy when suffering from sore muscle, injury or joint pain? In this article I will explain the purpose of heat and cold therapies, and when to apply each one of them.

A Buddhist Principle That Helps Us Be More Successful In Life

health freedom alliance, January 21, 2016
I recently came across an astonishing realization. The times in my life in which I experienced the most success were the exact times I cared the least.